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JUDY LUNN: News & Reviews

As you can imagine, I have heard many tributes to John in various forms and I must say that yours is as good as it gets. You have a nice expressive voice that, when combined with some great sidemen and production, gave me a fresh perspective on some songs that I have heard many times.
Mike Taylor - Guitarist - Songwriter - "Rocky Mountain High" (Oct 31, 2005)
I have been listening over and over again to your magnificent music.
Your voice is absolutely exquisite and crystal clear, just as I imagine the air in the Rocky Mountains. The recording is gorgeous, and the choices of music,
arrangements, and the order of presentation could not be more perfect. And you are so right ~ "Colors of the Wind" would definitely have been in John Denver's repertoire, had he lived to include it. Wherever he is in the Universe, he has to be so utterly proud of you, as I am.
Judy, you should be so proud of this CD. It is not only from your heart, but brilliant as well. Your voice truly carries John's joyful and soul-felt intention. I know he must be smiling on you!
Judy, you are awesome. You made us both cry as we always do listening to John Denver. We find his songs so emotional and you were able to capture the same emotions as he always did. Thank you for a very moving experience. We feel we have discovered a wonderful, new, talented friend and will definitely follow you wherever you may go (no, we are not stalkers! We are just new, smitten fans!) You will have a fantastic career. GO FOR IT, GIRL! We wish you all the best!
Bev and Dave Brewer (Nov 26, 2005)
"One of my favorite pieces on the album is "Windsong." Judy's soulful rendition brings
character and depth to the song... "Shanghai Breezes" is always one of my favorites... The "Lover's Medley" on this CD is a really beautiful
combination of "My Sweet Lady", "Annie's Song" and "For You."
It was arranged by Judy Lunn, Chris Nole and Pete Huttlinger, weaving together 3 of John's most beautiful love songs... Judy's version of "Calypso" is slower than John's
with fewer musical crescendos, but it has a nice relaxing
quality. I think John's fans will be happy with this musical tribute to John and his music.
"SONGS THAT SPEAK TO ME" is the "feel good" album of the year!
Ronny Palmer, Recording Engineer
I was one of the lucky RVWers to see your show on Thursday night in Gillette. You are fabulous! You have a most beautiful voice. I am a John Denver fan from way way back and your singing his songs often brought tears to my eyes. The love songs were dynamite. I especially loved your interaction with the audience, both that you came down and sang in the aisle and that you invited one of us up on stage. Your playfulness was very engaging. I wish you great success, I'd travel miles to see you again!
Verla Vester - RVW Convention - Gillette, Wyoming (Sep 1, 2005)
Thank you for keeping John Denver's music alive. It seems to me I have cd's by great artists but the music is just music. I loved watching and yes, hearing, the chills go through your body when you sang "Eagles and Horses" with Jim Horn's soulful flute. Your heart touched mine and for this I am ever so humbly grateful. ... I found feelings I thought were gone forever in your music. Thank you for the awakening Judy. I have your CD to nurture them.

I wish for you the very best and look forward to saying, "I knew her when....................."
Pat Mitchell - RVW Convention - Gillette, Wyoming (Sep 1, 2005)
I've listened to all the song samples from your new CD and am most impressed. Your voice is golden and the arrangements are just, well, unbelievably great. Of course, your session players aren't just any session players!

I just can't get over how terrific the sound makes this one of the best tributes to John yet produced, I really think that he would be extremely proud and pleased with your effort.
Your rendition of "Colors of the Wind" is just lovely. I'm going back to your site to order a copy of your CD. This definitely is a must to add to my music collection. Your selection of tunes makes this effort a timesless tribute to John and his music. Hoping all good things for your singing career!
Dave Snouffer (Sep 18, 2005)
I am so happy to hear Judy's new CD. I spent some time in the recording studio with Judy and the band while she was in Nashville, and every one of them in their unique ways made the music come alive!

When every bit of heart and soul goes into the music, you know it. And that is what makes Judy and her new CD so fantastic and extra special.

Judy, your record is awesome!
Stephanie Dubick - Nashville, TN (Sep 18, 2005)
John Denver never sounded so good as when he is sung by a woman!

Enjoyed your performance at the RVing Women's National Convention in Gillette WY in September.
Dixie Crownover - Ellenton, Florida (Sep 21, 2005)
It was wonderful meeting you in Aspen and I just love your CD ... what a beautiful tribute to a very special human being! You can be sure that you're already on my list of performers for Aspen 2006!!!
Mary Ledford (Oct 21, 2005)