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JUDY LUNN: Sign The Guestbook

Abby Uryga

October 18, 2015

So great meeting you the other night at the One World Theatre! Loved your voice. Hope to see you in the NW someday!!

Terri Milton

October 8, 2015

Hey Judy, Glad to hear things are going good for you. I'll always remember your voice and the sparkle in your eye when you perform. What a blessing you bring to so many. Keep up the good road. Drop me a note on my email and I'll share the current news around here. Many blessings to you and yours. :)

David & Lynn Smith

September 30, 2015

So happy to hear from you. Glad you are doing well and sharing that wonderful talent. Remembering all our good times! We now winter in Sarasota, Fl., so if you're in that area give us a shout! We'd love to see you!

Cathie Steele

September 16, 2015

We have heard you several times at various functions in Sun City. You truly have a gift Judy and
thank you so much for sharing it with us! We enjoy
hearing your music every time!

RoxAnn Gallagher

November 2, 2014

Hi Judy,
I just am amazed at this website and your blog! We are having a 35 plus Mohawk reunion at the end of this month! We just wanted to let you know about it and if for some reason you are back in PA we would love to see you! Your voice is so pure and I listened to some of your songs! You are right God has given you this amazing gift and it's so nice to see you using it! Your life is definitely an adventure! Please respond back so we can update all of our classmates info! I see that you were on Facebook but that it has been deactivated! That's how we were able to get ahold of some people!
Anyways God bless and keep on singing!
RoxAnn (schofield) Gallagher

Pat & Don Carlson

June 15, 2013

We so enjoyed meeting you and hearing your wonderful voice at our TWFF outing in Kingsland. Can't wait to see you again.


May 4, 2013

Soy de Argentina, fanático de John Denver, buscando un disco de Chris Nole, di con tu disco, lo pedí a Amazon y lo he escuchado cientos de veces, es hermoso, gracias por regalarnos tu música

Shirley W. Mayhew

January 6, 2013

Judy - I met you and Rita at an Elderhostel program in Desert Springs in - OMG - such a long time ago! You both helped me learn how to use the computer and I bought your CD "Lovin' Country" - still my favorite CD but I need another one. I lost some CDs when I moved in with my daughter a year ago after my husband died - can you send me one? I am 86 but your music is still my favorite.....

Gordon Lofland

October 26, 2012

Judy, you are amazing!!!! Ty for stepping into my life. You are 100%, genuine. It was my honor to meet you. See you soon.


ruth curtaccio

January 30, 2012

judy good job we love you aunt ruthie and brenda

Richard Koenig

January 23, 2012

I know you. Remember Eagle Waters Resort? How have you been..Joyce and I live in Hot Springs, AR. Last I knew you were in Iowa. Hope to hear from you. Hey There!

Dave shearer and Margee Halsch

August 21, 2011

Hey there, so glad to have met you at the party last night. We'll definitely come out and hear you sing in person some time!

margaret clements

August 16, 2011

Hello Judy,just found your site
and as a big john denver fan since
1974 its a great site.

Margaret here in the U.K

Madeline Kingston

April 27, 2011

Just wondering how you are doing????

Audrey Conner

February 19, 2011

Its been a long time since the round the world cruise in 2005 but every time I listen to your CD
I am transported there again. Thanks to you my computer skills have increased a bit but the real thanks goes to your warmth and friendship to a wandering traveler. I have the picture of
all of us on the coast of Spain where I can see it
often. Enough of this stuff--I am now pushing
83 and am so glad to have had the opportunity
to know you.

jeannie hopper

February 4, 2011

hi Judy, we met NYE ...sorry about the Austin SNOW, but listening to your John Denver songs perfect for a day like today! Enjoyed your voice and would like to reconnect.

Jon Lemke

January 17, 2011

Judy! I worked wiht you at the PSDRCVB! You are so amazing! All my best...Jon

Love your website...awesome!

Bill and Bev Evans

September 30, 2010

Loved your program tonight, Judy. Thanks so much for bringing it to Sun City. And --- thanks for the good words about the Line Dance Club. Hope to see you soon.


August 8, 2010

i have always loved john denver he so loving,

Gail Butler

August 4, 2010

We saw you last night at Cafe on the Green - great show! Can't wait to play your CD!

rene hofmann

July 8, 2010

hello judy,

found your site on brittany allyn's site. i listen your songs. great voice and songs. try to buy the cd. i'm working for the swiss internet coutry radio. we're always interestet in new voices and artists.

could you please send a promo cd with your songs.

rene hofmann
country radio switzerland
rohrhaldenstrasse 33
8712 staefa/zuerich

thak you for your help and i hope to hear from you

kindest regards


Mary Grimshaw

March 30, 2010

Almost 30 years have gone by and I haven't forgotten. You were great then and I'm sure you've only gotten better with time...So good to see you're still doing it.

Beverly Evans

March 4, 2010

I'm a fellow line dancer and a big John Denver fan. Look forward to seeing you.

Dean Cobb

February 27, 2010

I first heard you about 4 years ago at a mutual friends' home. When we walked in I thought I was hearing Patsy Cline and since I consider her the best of all time, you are in a class by yourself. Your voice is rich and melodic. I have heard you sing a number of songs and every one is done to perfection. Why noone has picked you up is a great mystery because you are as good as anyone in the business. I have been listening to country music since I was 11 years old in 1953, so I know my country music and you are GOOD, no you are GREAT!!

Michelle Dueck

December 2, 2009

Hi Judy,
It was a pleasure to have met you last week. After a long day at work, I went home and played your CD. Your voice put me in an uplifting mood and warmed my heart. I found your voice had me lighting my fireplace, making a hot cup of tea and curling up on the couch with my laptop. While your voice sang thru my home, I went on to your web-site and started to read your journals. I have traveled to four of the seven continents and I felt I was traveling with you, thru your daily entry's - especially reading about Burma. I just wanted to let you know, even though we have met only once in person, it is thru your web-site that I have learned more about you. I am convinced you are one of the few extraordinary people I have met. You made my evening!

A fan, Michelle

christine (seger) cianni

September 30, 2009

your music is beautiful and still comes from the heart:) always new you would make it with your music!

Joe and Betsy Lowman

November 29, 2008

Greetings, Judy. We've ordered your John Denver CD as Christmas gifts. Thanks for the advert!


linda mcintosh

June 2, 2008

Terrific cd! cannot wait to hear you in person 'live' !

sid morton

May 13, 2008

Hi Judy,
Brought your cd a while back, but have just only had some free time to sit down and listen to it all the way through, congratulations its a fine piece of work your interpreations Johns songs is first class, and the band complete the great sound ,your voice has an Ann Murray quality to it, keep up the good work maybe try a bit of Gordon Lightfoot,Cat Stevens, Jim Croce with your style they should sound great take care
Sid Morton UK


May 2, 2008

Hey Aunt Judy,
Love the CD. Congrats =D


Alice B. Bell

February 18, 2008

Love your music

Stacey Isler

November 30, 2007

Hey Aunt Judy,
I just listened to your cd again, and I love it. I love listening to that old tape of yours too. I too have begun singing, and in front of large audiences, and I admire your music.

Raylene Messina

October 2, 2007

My daughter brought your cd back from Aspen two years ago and I listen to it so very often, especially around this time of year. I think you are the best JD female artist Ive ever heard. Hope you will be in Aspen this year-2007. Thanks for your beautiful voice.

Kris k.

May 15, 2007

Judy Judy Judy!

(always wanted to say that, since Cary Grant never really did. SOMEBODY should, I figure -- especially on this primo webpage...)

Congrats for all the wonderful, sparkling stuff that's happening for you right now. You deserve it; big time. You go girl, and keep going.


I'm your friend and fan forever.

Kris k.

+ + +

Terri Milton

May 7, 2007

What a pleasure to know you and listen to your beautiful voice! Thank you Judy for all you do to make the world a better place. Cheers!

Ann O'Keefe

April 17, 2007

I loved every minute of your Desert Woman program on Saturday. I have had your CD for some months and play it often, savoring your perfect renditions of favorite JD songs. I am so glad you are here in the desert!

Judye Leonard

April 12, 2007

Lovely voice, beautifully done. You've done a wonderful job with John's music.


February 15, 2007

Your wonderful CD arrived today! I was so excited to listen to the CD... I put it on right
away! Everything about it is fantastic...your voice (incredible!), the song selections (all of my favorites!) and the arrangement of the Lover's Medley brought tears to my eyes. In fact, all of the tracks were beautifully performed. The band members also did an exceptional job. So neat to think that they also played for John, himself!

Judy, you have a gorgeous voice, so soothing, clear and passionate. You do John justice indeed. He would be so proud of you, as
should everyone who listens to you sing ....and that should be EVERYONE! Thank you again for producing such a lovely and important CD!

Let's keep John's message alive through his songs. May good fortune shine down on you!

Love and Peace,


January 28, 2007

The CD really is great, your voice is so warm and rich and does such honor to the subtleties of John’s music. I keep it in my car now for those times when I can’t bear any more radio or news or outside noise. I either choose John himself or you to make the rest of the drive more pleasant.

Pat Mitchell

November 13, 2006

Thank you again for the John Denver is a "grounding" collection of magical music. Thanks and best wishes Judy.

Estelle Ryder

August 14, 2006

My husband and I enjoyed you so much some years back at an Elderhostel computer class.
We have your Lovin' Country 1996 tape and also
gave one to an appreciative friend. We hope
to see you again some day.

Wendy Wiley

July 10, 2006

Hello Sis, don't know where my entry went to of this page so I thought I would do it again. You know that I'm your Number one fan. I love the CD I play it all the time. Marshall loves it too.
You did a great Job and I'm very proud of you keep up the good work,

Love Wendy

myra gordon

April 28, 2006


Karen McDonald

March 17, 2006

You have a wonderful voice so pure and crystal clear. I wish you well. Oh how I miss John Denver!!!!!!!!!

Jane Sanders

February 25, 2006

keep up the great work!!!!!

Salima,Abdul and girls

January 8, 2006

Congratulationsn on becoming a Recording Artist - your dream has finally come true.
We all love your voice and will be buying the CD as soon as possible, can listen to when going to school!

Julia Euclide

January 3, 2006

so, i made it to your guestbook. Let's get together in Columbus. You have had quite a year! The songs sound great even through these lousy speakers on the laptop. Guess I should buy the album :)

Susan Francis

January 3, 2006

congratulations are in order again...on your great new web site! Happy New Year songbird!

Myra Elliott

December 17, 2005

I just ordered the cd and can't wait to listen to it. Do you remember meeting me in Tenn. at the Bird Bird last summer? We had such a good time. Hope the sale of this Cd is going well. Good Luck!! Myra

Esthi & Beat Oschwald

November 28, 2005

Hello Judy , we just love your CD ! You are awesome .We sent one CD to friends in Switzerland.......they love it too !We wish you all the best and hope to see you and Rita soon in Horsefly !With love and a hug Esthi & Beat

Bev and Dave Brewer

November 26, 2005

Judy, you are awesome. You made us both cry as we always do listening to John Denver. We find his songs so emotional and you were able to capture the same emotions as he always did. Thank you for a very moving experience. We feel we have discovered a wonderful, new, talented friend and will definitely follow you wherever you may go (no, we are not stalkers! We are just new, smitten fans!) You will have a fantastic career. GO FOR IT, GIRL! We wish you all the best!


November 10, 2005

Hi Judy,
Just found your web site and listened to some of you Denver songs, especially This Old Guitar....I have been playing/singing Johns songs for 20+ years and that song is my fav. I play TOG but not using the chords picked on your version. Is it possible you could send me the chord progression and the picking sequence....I have P. Huntlingers video but he doesn't pick that same chords.....if you can help you voice...keep truckin....dave from Minnesota.

Judy in Monterey

October 29, 2005

LOVED LOVED "working" with you in Aspen!
YOU are nothing short of AWESOME, Judy! I wish you EVERYTHING wonderful, in your fun times ahead!

Pat Mitchell

October 27, 2005

Thanks so much for keeping John Denver's music alive..........

Tim Bak

October 27, 2005

I was fortuante enough to visit Aspen in July '04. Have yet to share in the Oct. gathering due to work schedule but hope to someday experience Aspen and the Rockies in the fall of the year. Your CD and the tribute songs of JD are a wonderful rendition of his music. Congratulations and good luck in future recordings!

Mary Ledford

October 21, 2005

Hi Judy ... It was wonderful meeting you in Aspen and I just love your CD ... what a beautiful tribute to a very special human being! You can be sure that you're already on my list of performers for Aspen 2006!!!

Thea and Bill Weedman

October 11, 2005

We saw you perform in Aspen and truly loved your John Denver song renditions. We bought your cd and will be listening to it on the way home.
Thank you!

October 3, 2005

Wearing my profesional hat as a publicist in the music industry, I say excellent job on an outstanding CD. As a friend, I say congratulations for going the long mile. You are an inspiration.

Bev Galbreath

September 29, 2005

You have always been amazing.......your mom would be so proud of you. You have such an incredible air about you...... I'm sure that you leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet! I'm going to order your CD but it would be awesome if I could get you to sign it first. Let me know if this is possible......something to cherish alway. Keep smiling! Love, Bev / Rick's mom

Aunt Ruthie and Family

September 27, 2005

Judy you sang beautiful before and you sing beautiful now. Wish Uncle John Could here you now. I am sure he is watching from above. We Love you. Heather , Brenda and Todd

Judy Lunn

September 25, 2005

Judy, you were wonderful at the RVW Convention. Your ability to connect with the audience through your music is amazing. I overheard someone in the autograph signing line say "John Denver never sounded as good as since he came back as a woman!" A good way to summarize how your audience felt about you. Keep that music flowing and pick up your guitar again! Irene Paulin, Sacramento, CA

Darcey Anne Farrow

September 17, 2005


....I just visited the music page and weel all I can say is FFAARR OOUUTT!!

....What a great way to start my work day.

Thank you so much.


Janet Damron

September 17, 2005

Judy, Judy, Judy. What can I say but I love you and am so proud of you. You may use my poem in any way that you like. Your music is wonderful.

Rita MacLean

September 17, 2005

Very nice! Thanks for getting the word out on the JD Gathering Page. I look forward to meeting you in Aspen.

Dave Snouffer

September 17, 2005

Really terriffic, Judy! Having come to your site from the John Denver Gathering Page posts, I've listened to all the song samples from your new CD and am most impressed. Your voice is golden and the arrangements are just, well, unbelievably great. Of course, your session players aren't just any session players! I just can't get over how terrific the sound makes this one of the best tributes to John yet produced, I really think that he would be extremely proud and pleased with your effort. I thought your name sounded familiar. And then when I read that you were from Palm Springs and that you had been looking for a MIDI of "Eagles and Horses" last November, I immediately remembered who your were and your kind email about looking for the song. Again, just terriffic! Thank you, Dave

Georgiann McDaniel

September 16, 2005

Hi! I just listened to all the sample songs on your tribute to John Denver CD. What a wonderful job you did to honor John. It was great to hear them for the first time song my a female. You did a great job. I love it. I hope to meet you in Aspen In October.
Love, light, peace and joy,

Jan Pethick

August 15, 2005

Hi Judy,
Many congratulations. Fabulous voice - wonderful to listen to - perfect easy listening music. Order being placed now. Can't wait to hear the whole collection.
Best of luck. Jan

Julie Kinnon

August 15, 2005

Hi Judy,
Well Done and many many congratulations. I have placed my order today and will certainly be telling loads of my friend here in the UK to check out your web site and purchase your first CD. Take care Judy - Love Julie

Cheryl McFadden

August 12, 2005

Congratulations Judy. Here's wishing you boundless success.

mabelle o'connor

August 12, 2005

Dear Judy,

You are right. Your new CD is stunning! And the musical background amazing. But it is your lovely voice, pure and clear that truly makes this CD. I hope that everyone will do themselves a big favor and purchase it. I also hope that you will make many, many more. You are truly awesome.

God Bless

Mabelle O'Connor

Charles Peck

July 27, 2005

Dear Judy,
The album you have created is very impressive, any truly a jem! Your voice is so beautiful, your delivery and tone are perfect for the music. If John Denver was here with us today, this would be a duet he would very proudly be a part of. All the best of luck now, and in the future to you and all of your family, from ours. Have a great relaxing time, see you soon. Love, Charlie Peck


July 25, 2005

Hey Aunt Judy! Just heard your cd. Great job! I miss you lots and hope you come to visit (and sing!) sometime! :D

Dessa Reed

July 25, 2005

I am so proud to have been a tiny part of this CD birth ~ as your poetry midwife! Looking forward to playing your CD a thousand times so I will probably need to buy several....And remember, we are going to do another poetry and music "gig" together. Love, Dessa


July 18, 2005

Hi Sis -I have enjoyed your newsletters . Congratulations on following your dream. I am so proud of you, can't wait to listen to the CD. Love, Shirley

Karen Graham and Karen Beasanski

July 17, 2005

Hi! We love the homepage photo and can't wait to hear the CD. We are very happy for you!

July 16, 2005

Judy, you should be so proud of this CD. It is not only from your heart,but brilliance as well. Your voice truly carrys John's joyful and soul-felt intention. I know he must be smiling on you. I know I am. Proud to be your friend,Kate

Cathleen Meyer

July 16, 2005

The excitement must be overwhelming...... savor every precious moment of this 'rocky mountain high'. From the first moment we met, there was greatness in the air!

K. Lani Lok

July 5, 2005

You are a terrific lady, teacher, guitarist, singer and friend!

Rita Enders

July 5, 2005

After 16 years of listening to your music I still love to hear it. This is your ultimate accomplishment ... Songbird.

Sierra Garland

July 4, 2005

I knew you'd do this!! You go, girl!
Synchronicity rules, huh?!

Leslie McConnell

June 30, 2005

Good luck with your music.

Connie Parker

June 28, 2005

It was so nice to meet you at the Blue Bird Cafe. Thanks for the picture you sent to us.

Irene Paulin

June 27, 2005

You've come a long way, and I am so proud of you!!
Looking forward to a continued path of music success in your future.

Love the website! Irene


June 27, 2005

I've enjoyed your newletters. Very proud of you.